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The Architecture School for Children TASC (formerly known as 'Places') is a community Interest Company working across Greater Manchester. Over the past 20 years, it has worked with children and communities with the aim of engaging them effectively in their built environments. It does this through bringing together schools, artist, developers, architects, educators, children and the wider community to look at and contribute to the development, design and build of their environment in a creative and collaborative way.

TASC works in partnership with a number of organisations including One Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Manchester, local schools and community based organisations. 

   Our Aims

  • create healthy and happy communities

  • develop the children’s inner creative abilities

  • aid the children we work with to understand the world we live in through various ecologies

  • explore everyday spaces of the city

  • initiate a lifelong relationship with the city and children, schools and families

  • raise aspirations of young people

  • developing meaningful partnership projects with organisations (MMU, UoM, RIBA and city developers to enable students of architecture to engage in immersive creative learning about the built environment with children and families

  • set up and deliver outreach projects with partners in response to local needs

  • support the delivery of volunteer led creative activities

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