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Geo-Domes; Shape, Make, Discover

Creating imaginative spaces with children

University Supervisor: Dr Mark Sackville-Ford

Project Partners: The Architecture School for Children (TASC) (Catherine Clements and Dan Wheatley)


This project explored the way that spaces can be transformed and the imaginative ways that children can think with spaces and places. Working with the Architecture School for Children (TASC) students created Geo-Domes out of cardboard exploring ways in which to imaginatively adapt spaces.  Working with students from local primary schools in tasc's studio space to think about innovative ways Geo-Domes can be utilised to support children to think about art, spaces, habitats, and play. To enhance this learning experience, MMU students used smartphones and tablets to create films and projections. This gave an opportunity to work creatively with artists from TASC to consider how alternative approaches to learning can work effectively with current school priorities and the curriculum.

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